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Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is the pathologic condition of progressive loss in kidney function. The disease burden of CKD is substantial that the disease affects about 10% of the global population, and the prevalence in Hong Kong is expected to be high. Dietary intervention is one of the critical components in the management of CKD, whereas a low-protein diet has been demonstrated to slow down the decline in kidney functions in kidney patients and thus is advocated in clinical guidelines. Nonetheless, patients’ compliance with the restrictive kidney diet is suboptimal. Although how to eat well is a main concern for kidney patients, they have difficulty receiving the right knowledge on dietary intervention and, more importantly, applying professional advice. This highlights the urgent need to improve health literacy and translate medical advice into a usable and understandable format. In the Feature Story, Dr. Lui Siu Fai and Dr. Angela Wang will outline the role of dietary intervention in CKD management and how the World Kidney Recipes help patients to comply with the recommended dietary advice and improve their quality of life.


The COVID-19 pandemic has now persisted for over two years. It has been suggested that people infected with COVID-19 could experience post-acute symptoms, referred to as “long COVID”. While patients with diabetes are more susceptible to severe outcomes, evidence suggests that a significant proportion of COVID-19 survivors would develop hyperglycaemia. To have a closer look at the vicious cycle between diabetes and COVID-19, Dr. Wong Cheuk Lik discussed the pathophysiology of diabetes complicated with COVID-19 infection and shared his opinions on managing diabetic patients with COVID-19, which will be featured in the Focus section.


Additionally, the pharmacological management of hepatitis C infection and relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma will be discussed in this issue. Remarkably, the impact of COVID-19 outbreak on psychiatric complications such as mood disorders will be featured in the Industry Updates section. On the other hand, innovations in breast cancer screening, atopic dermatitis treatment and personalised management in diabetes mellitus will be highlighted in the Epoch section.


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