Glycaemic Control by Resveratrol
BY: Natalie Lai
Mar 16, 2021

Glycaemic Control by Resveratrol1


Resveratrol (RV) is a polyphenolic compound possessing anti-inflammatory properties due to its ability to block the activation and subsequent translocation of nuclear factor κB (NFκB). Additionally, it has been reported that RV exerts beneficial effects on metabolic diseases, such as obesity and diabetes. A recent meta-analysis of 30 randomised control trials investigating the hypoglycaemic effect of RV in subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) demonstrated that administration of 500-1000 mg/day of RV significantly improved glucose levels (−7.54 mg/dL, p = 0.002), while insulin improves with doses lower than 500 mg/day (−1.43 mIU/L, p = 0.01) and greater than 1000 mg/day (−2.12 mIU/L, p = 0.03). Nonetheless, the effects on haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) and insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) levels were not statistically significant. The findings thus suggested that RV would be beneficial for improving glucose and insulin levels in diabetic individuals.



1 García-Martínez et al. Antioxidants.2021; 10: 1-25.