Virtual Symposium on Perioperative Care for Geriatric Patients Undergoing Surgery
BY: Jasper Chan
Jun 17, 2022


Despite the increasing longevity of the worldwide population, the elderly is a group of individuals commonly faced with increased morbidities that would have necessitated them receiving surgical and non-surgical procedures with anaesthesia. However, the elderly is especially at risk of perioperative adverse outcomes, where the rates of postoperative complications and mortality are high.


To minimize the risk of potential surgical complications associated with the elderly, the proper and careful use of neuromuscular blocking (NMB) agents during general anaesthesia is critical. Given that the elimination of NMB agents is organ-dependent and the baseline organ functions of the elderly have generally declined, it remains a challenging task to properly administer NMB agents in this patient population.


On 26th April, 2022, an MSD-sponsored virtual symposium titled “Perioperative Care for Geriatric Patients Undergoing Surgery” was held. Moderated by Dr. Chow Sui Ping Alice, Anaesthesiologist, the event had Prof. Thomas Fuchs-Buder, Full Professor of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, University of Lorraine in Nancy, France, as the speaker to deliver his clinical insights in managing elderly patients undergoing surgery. Prof. Fuchs-Buder highlighted the increased prevalence of surgical complications among the elderly, the situation of residual NMB in the elderly and their clinical outcomes, followed by introducing sugammadex, a rocuronium-induced NMB reversal agent with a favourable clinical profile suitable for the elderly.



Dr. Chow Sui Ping Alice (left) as the moderator and Prof. Thomas Fuchs-Buder (right) as the speaker


Prof. Fuchs-Buder discussed the perioperative outcomes among the elderly patients


Sugammadex was introduced as a rocuronium-induced NMB reversal agent