Stay Tuned to the “Kidneys Talk” Season 2
BY: Ai Ly Foo
Jun 17, 2022

Season 2 of the “Kidneys Talk” will officially be live on 9th July 2022 and every other Tuesday for a total of 9 episodes. Brought to you by a local non-profit making voluntary organization, the Hong Kong Kidney Foundation (HKKF). Their mission is to promote kidney health and awareness of kidney diseases. The first season of the “Kidneys Talk” has been successfully broadcasted with 9 episodes covering the journey of patients living with kidney diseases. Season 2 was created based on providing more in-depth understanding of various aspects of kidney diseases, with the theme of “Learn More for the Better Kidney Health”.


In each episode, specialists in nephrology and healthcare professionals from various disciplines, including nurses, dietitians, and patients with kidney disease, will be invited to share their expertise and experience managing kidney disease. The channel will also have an interactive platform where healthcare professionals will answer inquiries on kidney health from the audience.


In the new season coming, “Kidneys Talk” will be covering topics such as how patients’ can manage their diet with different recipes available, how to optimize and get the most out of dialysis and medication, East-meets-West treatment or any other treatments available, and topics related to urology, etc. (See next page for the details of each episode).


Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is an important and forever growing problem. Raising the public’s awareness of kidney health, particularly in high-risk populations, and educating patients and carers on how to live with kidney disease can significantly reduce the disease burden. On the other hand, it diminishes the fear and misunderstanding that the public has toward CKD. Thus, bridging the knowledge gaps is essential for the public (including patients) to receive the correct information. Empowering them with the knowledge to strive for improvement in kidney health.


“Kidneys Talk” Season 2 will be covering how patients’ can manage their diet with different recipes available.


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