Webinar on the Role of Immunomodulatory Drugs in Multiple Myeloma
BY: Dr. Roy Lau
Jun 17, 2022



While management of relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma (RRMM) is still a challenging clinical problem, there is emerging evidence demonstrating the benefits of immunomodulatory drugs (IMiDs)-based regimens in controlling the disease. Nonetheless, the optimal sequencing and combination of the effective options available is a crucial consideration in prolonging patients’ survival. In the webinar titled “Navigating the Role of IMiDs in RRMM” organised by the Hong Kong Society of Myeloma on 23rd February 2022, Prof. Hartmut Goldschmidt of the Heidelberg University Clinic and National Center of Tumor Diseases, Germany introduced the clinical practice in managing RRMM in Germany and presented recent clinical trial data on the treatment outcomes of IMiDs.


In the lecture, Prof. Goldschmidt outlined the biochemical basis of antitumour activities of IMiDs and commented on the efficacy and safety profiles of different generations of IMiDs. In addition findings in major clinical trials, Prof. Goldschmidt also presented the real-world data of IMiDs-based treatments in controlling RRMM. In particular, he illustrated the essence in practical management of RRMM through clinical case sharing. Through the presentation, Prof. Goldschmidt delivered a key message that earlier prescription of the appropriate treatment would yield a better response and hence better survival in patients with MM. The enlightening lecture was followed by a fruitful discussion among the keynote speakers and local clinicians.


Prof. Goldschmidt highlighted the local practice in managing multiple myeloma


Prof. Goldschmidt presented the treatment outcomes of the RELAPSE study