The Live Symposium on Breast Health Education 2021
BY: Yan Chiu
Jun 21, 2021

The Live Symposium on Breast Health Education 2021


Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women both globally and locally, whereas the number of locally diagnosed female breast cancer cases has increased by 4 times from 1993 to 2018. This indicates the growing health burden incurred by breast cancer. Although the prognosis of breast cancer treatment can be significantly improved upon timely treatment, a substantial proportion of breast cancers is diagnosed at latter stages leading to suboptimal outcomes. In order to enhance public awareness on breast cancer and to highlight essential issues in managing breast cancer and its complications, the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation (HKBCF) organised an online activity titled “The Live Symposium on Breast Health Education 2021” on 15th and 22nd May 2021.

The 2-day event covered a comprehensive scope of topics on breast cancer management, including screening tests and early detection of the disease, breast cancer treatment during pregnancy and innovations in breast cancer therapies. In addition to breast cancer, expert advices on prevention and management of lymphoedema were addressed during the event. Besides presentations by healthcare professionals, breast cancer survivors were invited to share their experiences in fighting against the disease. The sharing sessions were followed by fruitful discussions among healthcare professionals, breast cancer survivors and the audiences. 



Opening speech addressed by Dr. Hung Wai Ka


Breast cancer survivor was invited to share her journey of combating the disease


Dr. Stephen Lam Tak Sum presented the concepts and clinical importance of genetic tests for breast cancer


The Live Symposium on Breast Cancer Education 2021 was successfully organised on 15th and 22nd of May 2021


Discussion session among the experts and audiences